BBA Volunteers

hours and hours of sampling

Blockbusting - Paul RoisenAn incredible 7465 visits to BBA blocks resulting in 10,645 hours of effort went into gathering data for BBA II.  Although the summer of 2012 included many hours completed by paid techs through a grant from the Iowa DNR, the vast majority of effort was contributed by volunteers just like you.  Other data was contributed by the Upper Mississippi Wildlife Refuge, the DNR's Multiple Species Inventory and Monitoring (MSIM) program, and by the wildlife management class at Upper Iowa Univeristy.  When you are out birding and run into one of these marvelous people, thank them for their effort in helping us better understand the state of Iowa's breeding birds.  Also be sure to check out our list of reporters to get a better appreciation of the hours spent in the field.

Our 431 BBA II Volunteers
* indicates committee members and paid staff
Danny  Akers
Matt  Allen
Pam  Allen
Reid  Allen
Ray  Amundson
Sammy  Andersen
Wyatt  Andersen
Bob  Anderson
Scott  Anderson
Eloise  Armstrong
Eugene  Armstrong
Carol  Baker
Dave   Baker
Derek  Bakken
*Jamie  Balk
*Michael  Barrett
Tyler  Bass
Ross  Baxter
Barbara   Beaumont
Dena  Belcher
Kyle  Belcher
Ellen  Bell
Jennifer  Belyeu
Sandy  Belz
Jeff  Bergman
Neil  Bernstein
Carol  Berrier
Larry  Best
Stacy   Beyer
John  Bissell
Sarah  Bissell
Carol  Blair
Dianne  Blankenship
Bob  Blenderman
Kayla  Blocker
Bill  Bolton
Bill  Bossman
Mark  Bowman
*Kristen  Bredemeier
*Aaron  Brees
Ernie  Brees
Diane  Brockett
Ed  Brogie
Mark  Brogie
Bill  Brown
Don  Brown
Mark  Brown
*Wayne  Buchholtz
Renee   Buck
Barry  Buschelman
Katie  Cantu
Dawn  Carstensen
Dennis  Carter
Ashley  Casey
*Christopher  Caster
Ben  Caster
Bob  Cecil
John  Cecil
Willow  Cigrand
Del  Clausen
Jim  Coffey
Betsy  Combs
Ross  Conover
Kurt  Cornilsen
Peggy  Corrio
Amy  Crouch
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