Success Stories

from BBA II

Henslow's Sparrow - Mark Brown

Henslow's Sparrow, a threatened species in the state, along with several other grassland species are some of the greatest success stories in Iowa's breeding birds. Increased grasslands have made a huge difference.  Iowa has also made investments in wetland restoration and healthy forest management.  Here we highlight a few species where breeding seems to be on the increase. The State of Iowa's Birds will give you a quick overview of trends for Iowa;s breeders. Be sure to also see the chart of Iowa Important Bird Area criteria species to see the changes in nesting status for these endangered, threatened, and conservation concern species.

Grassland Species

  Blocks Recorded Confirmed/Probable Blocks
Sedge Wren +52.8% +42.6%
Henslow's Sparrow +27.3% +12.5%
Bobolink +15.4% +16.7%
Grasshopper Sparrow +7.8% +2%
Upland Sandpiper +3% +2.6%

Wetland Species

  Blocks Recorded Confirmed/Probable Blocks
Pied-billed Grebe +10.9% +6.4%
Sandhill Crane +6.7% +5.4%
Virginia Rail +5.5% +4.4%
American Bittern +4.7% +1.3%
Least Bittern +1.9% +1.1%

Woodland Species

  Blocks Recorded Confirmed/Probable Blocks
Pileated Woodpecker +13.4% +12.5%
Wood Thrush +8.7% +12.1%
Red-shouldered Hawk +8.4% +4.9%
Broad-winged Hawk +6.2% +4.9%
Kentucky Warbler +2.3% +2.4%