IBA Criteria Species

changes from BBA I to BBA II

Pileated Woodpecker - Larry Dau This chart gives a brief look at all of the designated criteria species for the Iowa Important Bird Areas and their nesting status change (percent of blocks where confirmed or probable) from BBA I to BBA II. Further analysis is necessary to determine the significance of these changes. An asterisk (*) preceding the species name indicates a new breeder compared to the last BBA.

Greater Prairie-Chicken      
Black-billed Cuckoo      
King Rail      
Common Gallinule      
Piping Plover      
American Woodcock      
Least Tern      
Black Tern      
Forster's Tern      
American Bittern      
Least Bittern      
Black-crowned Night Heron      
Northern Harrier      
Bald Eagle      
Red-shouldered Hawk      
Broad-winged Hawk      
American Barn Owl      
Long-eared Owl      
Short-eared Owl      
Pileated Woodpecker      
*Peregrine Falcon      
White-eyed Vireo      
Bell's Vireo      
Loggerhead Shrike      
Wood Thrush      
Grasshopper Sparrow      
Henslow's Sparrow      
Yellow-breasted Chat      
Worm-eating Warbler      
Kentucky Warbler      
Hooded Warbler      
Cerulean Warbler